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Alien Agent

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An alien warrior strives to save the earth from an alien syndicate that seeks to enslve it.

Genre - Sci-Fi

Director(s) - Jesse Johnson

Writer(s) - Vlady Pildysh

Cast - Mark Dacascos, Billy Zane and Amelia Cooke

Blue Rider's Role - Lent acquisition funds

Distributor(s) - Fries Film Group

Release Date - 2008

Synopsis - In this sci-fi action drama, Rykker is an alien warrior trapped on Earth. He is destined to fight a band of ruthless aliens called The Syndicate. The film opens with a spectacular highway chase, as Rykker eliminates several Syndicate agents.

Top Syndicate leader, Saylon, crash-lands on Earth. He is determined to build a wormhole link from Earth to his planet--enabling a full-scale invasion of Earth.

Isis, a sexy, ruthless Syndicate chief already on Earth goes on a robbery spree to steal the parts necessary for building the wormhole. She is determined to destroy Rykker and help Saylon's plan.

Julie is a 15-year-old Earth girl whose family is murdered during the hijacking of a truck containing material for the portal. She and Rykker, thrown together by tragic circumstances, set out to destroy the Syndicate and save the Earth. They cross the country with the murderous Syndicate in hot pursuit, and at one point she saves Rykker's life.

The exciting action climax takes place inside a nuclear reactor where Rykker and Julie fight Sayloon, Isis and their army of killers--with Earth's survival hanging in the balance.

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